Bow Perch

Perches can be pretty expensive to buy. But you can have these made at your local welder for around $30.00. I used the 1/2″ rod perch with a 52 oz female red-tail without any problems. For a heavier perch use 5/8″ rod. I found the 5/8″ to be a better size for a 12 lb eagle, but it is a bit harder to get into the ground.


Ring Perch

This perch is a bit more expensive to have made, but it’s still a lot cheaper than purchasing one on line. The dimensions are self explanatory and I’ve included an extra piece if you want to take the perch inside. You only need one ring for both pieces. The ring section actually just sits loose on the spike and your bird is tethered to the floating ring.ring perch top fig 1ring perch fig 2ring perch fig 3


























Indoor PVC Perch

Here’s a great idea for an indoor perch. You can either use the screw on caps at one end of each leg or glue ends caps like the other ends of the legs. Either way, you will want to fill the perch with something heavy like sand or gravel.PVC Fig 1What you will need:

2 – 90 degree elbows
8 – “T” connectors
2 – End Caps
2 – Male thread
2 – Female thread end caps
8 feet – 3/4″ pvc pipe
PVC glue


5 – 11″
2 – 2 1/2″
9 – 4 1/2″

Assembling this can be a bit tricky. Make the legs first and set aside. Then assemble the sides. Starting with one side, add the cross pieces, the center support and then the second side. You might want to dry fit it all to make sure everything fits and that you have the sequence down. Allow it to dry overnight for a tight bond. Then fill with shot. Screw on (or glue on) the end caps. You can wrap this perch as usual, but I found that just tip tying mat grass to the top is perfect.


This perch should only be used when you are around. I found it can be a bit slippery when the bird bates. Especially on carpet.


Wrapping a perch

Wrapping materials:

5-6mm mountain climbing rope. The same rope you might have used for the leashes. It’s pretty expensive, but you won’t have to replace it for many, many years.

Wrapping the perch can be frustrating. Here is what I’ve come up with.

wrapping 1

1. Go to your local hardware store and get two sizes of pipe wraps. This is the foam type that is already in a tube shape. You want one size to actually fit over the smaller size.

2. Cut one piece of each size pipe wrap to fit the perch. Cut the smaller size just a little longer than the larger size. Fit the smaller size on the perch, then the larger size over this one. Secure this on snugly with duct tape. Just a few pieces is all that is needed here

wrapping 2

3. Using the wrapping of your choice, lay the end under the pipe wrap and half way across. Secure well with duct tape.


wrapping 34. Now start wrapping just before the pipe wrap. Every couple of turns, glue the wraps together using hot glue. You can do every turn if you want as well. Keep wrapping tightly.



wrapping 4

5. Stop gluing the wrapping when you get about 1/4 the way across, but keep wrapping until you get to the half way point. Cut the wrapping material so there is about a 2′ tail.

6. Gently allow all the unglued wraps to loosen so you can pass this 2′ tail through them. Keep this tail at the bottom of the perch. When you have the tail all the way through the loose wraps, start tightening each wrap back up and adding the hot glue. Be careful not to get any on the tail.

7. When you have the entire wrap tight, grab the tail and pull it through tightly keeping it at the bottom of the wraps. Cut the tail close and if you can, stuff it between the wraps. Add some hot glue to hold it.

8. Turn the perch around and repeat steps 1 – 7 on the other side. When you meet up with the other wrapping, you’ll have to work the last wrap in tightly.

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  1. Evelyne says:

    Thank you very much for these detailed plans, this is awesome!


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