Some falconers like to get fancy when it comes to lures. You can get as creative as you like, but in the end, it doesn’t matter to the bird. When the bird associates the lure you’ve made to food, they don’t care what it looks like. You can even use an old teddy bear if you want. But I think you would look pretty silly standing in the middle of a field swinging a teddy bear over your head.

Here are a couple of styles that are very easy to make and work great.

lure 21. Cut two tear drop shapes. You can use just about any material. I like to use leather that really isn’t suitable for other equipment. The size is up to you. The size of your hand is a good size.

2. Using a couple of strong clips, hold the two pieces together. Make a hole at the top of the drop shape for the grommet. Attach the grommet. It’s easier to do it now than later.

3. Keep the clips in place. Punch or drill holes all around the edge of both pieces. Use a good strong thread made for sewing leather. Start at the widest part of the drop shape and work your way up over the top and back down to the widest part. Stop here.

4. Now you need to put some sort of weight inside. There are several things you can use.

A. A small flat rock wrapped in batting or foam to give it some cushion.

B. Flat fishing weights from the sporting goods store. Again some foam for cushion.

Avoid using anything with lead as this is very toxic to birds.

You just need a little weight so it’s easy to swing.

5. Now just continue sewing the rest of the way around. Tie a good knot and work the knot to the inside of the lure.

lure 1

The second shape is the “donut”. No matter how the lure lands, the tidbit will always be seen. The construction is the same as the one above, but this time sew the center hole first, then the outside. To add some weight,. This lure will require some sort of clip to keep the tidbit in the center hole.

Add some rope or cord through the grommet and you have a very durable long lasting lure.


I can’t tell you how many lures I’ve lost in the field. I end up leaving it on the ground when I have my birds back. So here is what I do now. I tied the other end of the rope to a clip. I added a large grommet to my vest and clip the lure to it. Now, if I leave it behind, it will follow me all the way back to the car.
Good lure. Sit, stay.

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