A creance is used to train your bird to fly more and more distance to you, yet still have some control of her.


12″ of 2″ PVC pipe
2 end caps
50 yards of a light, strong rope.

Melton Tackle has a good braided dacron line. The 300 lb would be good for the creance.


Drill a hole through the center of the pipe. Make sure the hole is smooth. A rough hole will cut through the line in time.The hole needs to be just big enough to thread your creance line through the hole and out the end. Thread a large leather button on the end. Tie a really good knot and melt it well. Pull the button back inside and pull snug. Glue one end cap on. Fill the pipe with lead weights, or lead shot, which ever is heavier. Glue the second end cap on. Wind the entire 50 yards of line onto the creance neatly. Add a secure clip to the end.

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